Who started the tradition of having 5'8 and up Models featured in High Fashion Campaigns or signed to the Top Modeling Agencies? Just like the plus size movement with over 68% of American Women being plus size, the global average height for women is 5'4. But wait? Why are companies hiring models 5'8 and up to sell clothing to models 5'7 and under? If you are like many women who have complained about buying clothing that was featured in an advertisement , the #1 complaint is the height difference and not knowing how clothing will look on a shorter model. This calls for another movement for height diversity in the modeling industry.

5'7 and under models is a platform that will feature models who are leaving their mark on the modeling industry despite their height.

If you are interested in being featured and telling your story because fill out the form below for consideration. Let the fashion industry know that Models who are 5'7 and under are FIERCE.​ 

Please try to submit photos that have not been used in other publications or social media platforms. Professional pics or Compcard are a MUST for submission. Please do not submit selfies, photos with filters, proactive photos etc.