The misconception about Modeling is that you have to be 5'10 and really thin to become a model. Although that is TRUE for some areas of modeling it truly does not represent the modeling industry as a whole. Anyone and I do mean anyone can become a Model.

Model Esteem sole purpose is to educate you and provide opportunities in the area YOU fit best so that you can focus on your career and be the best this industry has to offer.​ We also will connect you with establish agencies. There is NEVER a promise that you will be signed but you can be better prepared and more confident when auditioning.

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​​What type of Model are You?

Fashion (Editorial) Model
Runway/Catwalk Model
Commercial Model
Plus Size Model
Petite Model
Child Model
Swimsuit/Lingerie Model
Glamour Model.

Fitness Model

Fit Model

Parts Model

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Mature Model

Spokes Model

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