I am an essential worker.

​​​​​Covid-19, Corona Virus, Rona etc has literally turned the world upside down and no one saw this coming. How can a tiny virus be more dangerous than Isis? I can remember in early March 2020 when I first heard of the virus. I honestly did not think it was that serious.  I mean any virus has the potential of being deadly if the body is not immune to it. I also thought I have lived through Ebola, Bird Flu and SARS so this one will not be any different. I knew to talk my normal precautionary measures  as usual. But it is very different. Very different. It's a pandemic and to be quite frank I have never in my entire life even heard of a pandemic and I know many others who had not heard of it. 

In the famous words of our President "People are dying that have never died before." I know his comment was funny to some and crazy to others, the truth is he is kinda right. I mean not in the literally since. But I knew what he meant. The reality is that people with no known health issues from young to old or even those who might have had health issues but they were not deadly, are dying due to them catching this virus. You can not help but see on your social media the many people who had have friends and loved ones have die from corona. I know people personally who has lost their friends and loved ones and it's just heartbreaking. It even more heartbreaking that people could not be with those they loved in the dying hour. But is has not all been doom and gloom as many people who have caught the corona virus has survived it. I thought that is was important to share their stories and what they went through to let me know that corona is not always a death sentence.​

While the entire world is focusing on combating the spread of the virus by issuing stay at home orders and social distancing, many of us who are able to stay at home might feel a tid bit safer in our safe haven of a bubble. But what about essential workers? What about those who put their life at risk everyday to make sure that we are safer or more comfortable in our daily lives. I want to thank you all for continue to provide a level of comfort and protection and the world deserves to hear your story.




Please answer the following questions either by video or written response. I would prefer video but will accept written responses.

1) How did you find out you had COVID-19

2) What were your symptoms?

3) Where you tested? What was that experience like finding out you were positive? 

4) Did you have to be hospitalized, self quarantine or both? What was that experience like?

5) How did you combat the virus? 

6) How long did the virus last for you? Where you tested to make sure you were clear?

7) What advice would you give anyone that has corona ?

8) Do you believe staying at home will help prevent virus spread?

Please answer the following questions either by video or written response. I would prefer video but will accept written responses.

1) What is your job title?

2) How long have you been on your job?

3) Why have you chosen to work during the pandemic?

4) What is it like day to day being on the front lines as an essential worker?

5) What has been your overall state of mind?

6)  What advice would you give other essential workers ?

7) What advice would you give the public?

8) Do you believe staying at home will help to prevent virus spread?